Wizards of the White Tower

Wizards of the White Tower

The ideals of the order are “the pursuit of knowledge and service to the greater good”.

The White Tower is north of Tolbrook approximately 20 miles from the coast. There is a small farming community that provides sustenance to the wizards. The village is very small with only one Inn (The Tavern Inn).

Membership is open to all and is one of the few organizations in human lands that includes full blooded elves in its membership. The White Tower was built during the times of the Old Dominion.

The wizards are known for gathering knowledge related to magic. They are not known for being overly aggressive, but they have all schools of wizards as members and are capable of great violence. They are also one of the few places that are known to be able to create new magic items.

There is also a small fort nearby the tower. This is the location that the White Shields train. A wizard of the white tower is often accompianed by one or more shield men.

There is no cost to membership except service.

Typically a member would be asked to provide support to an elder member of the order, or provide guidance to a noble on behalf of the order. These requests seldom last longer than 3 months per year and are often less than two months. These assignments are often scheduled at the convenience of the member providing the service.

The dress code is not mandatory unless providing a public service on behalf of the order (example: while acting as a councilor for nobility or town), and consists of bright white robes.

The council of wizards typically meets once every five years. Most members reside elsewhere, but will come to use the facilities of the tower when needed (library and crafting facilities).

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Wizards of the White Tower

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