Magic of Farland

Historically, the elves of the old dominion were the only wizards in this world with rare exceptions. Human casters were rare sorcerers that were well regarded in their communities.

Presently, magic and its place in this world is in flux. The sorcerers of the New World Kingdoms are self taught prodigies, the wizards and clerics of the world are taught via mentors and places of higher learning. Warlocks and Druids are outcasts that are shunned from most societies.

Due to the historical specializations by race, you are more likely to find higher level spells within your race or institution specialization. If you specialize in magic outside your specialization, there is a percentage chance that you will not find the spell immediately and you will either need to go on a quest to find it or create/research it.

Tolbrook Institute of Wizardry teaches anyone that can afford to pay basic spell casting techniques. They also have scholarships for the gifted.

Wizards of the White Tower formerly were exclusively elven in the days of the Dominion. When the New Order Kingdoms freed humanity and even when the Reborn Empire landed, the tower admitted more and more human practitioners.

Wizards of the Reborn Empire are typically called red robes and are normally specialized in war magic.

Bardic Colleges are located throughout the land: Tolbrook, Greenfork, Micksing, and others.

Clerics of the gods learn by apprenticeship at various temples and shrines. Most temples have worship space for the family of gods, but will often specialize in one to three domains of magic. Shrines are more often dedicated to only one particular god in the family and sometimes even a demigod.

The Reborn Empire’s onegod clerics learn by apprenticeship at their main temples.

There are a number of different advanced networks for communication.

Normal letters can be carried by courier or ship. These are sometimes entrusted to trade companies.

BardNet – commoners rarely need to communicate far away since most rarely know people outside their local communities, but when they need to – they will go to the local town bard. Bards have an informal network of people they know and if they can’t get a message directly from one town to another, they will use multiple “jumps” to get the message to its final destination. There is a 5% chance that the message is garbled during each extra jump.

ClericNet – Clerics serve the common man and the noble alike. Their communications network is a mix of direct communication among known clerics and communicating through the hub of their main temple.

WhiteNet – Wizards of the White Tower operate a hub network where all communication goes through the white tower.


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