Knights of the Phoenix

This is a knighthood that was born long ago in the White Plains (west of Tolbrook). Their mission is to protect the weak from any sort of threat including: oppressive government, the pirates of the fresh water sea, the humanoid creatures of the north, the desert raiders and the nomadic hordes from the west.

This knighthood was formed outside of noble society, though Knights of the Phoenix are accorded the rights of nobility in the kingdoms of the east. It is thought that the Order of the Knights of the Phoenix reaches back to the Age of Dragons, but that at various times the order withered away and fell dormant for periods of time. This most recent version was reborn during the corruption of the dominion over a thousand years ago. Rumors are that the order is likely to go dormant again.

The order has maintained small numbers the past few hundred years, but the ranks are often filled with great heroes of renown.

The vows of the phoenix:
Protect the Weak
Protect the Natural Order
Preserve Freedom

Knights of the Phoenix

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