Valley of The Tombs

The Cult and The Cave

Agrari 3rd 413no

The survivors of the Giant Aligator attack, Gregory (real name Mogdar), and Ren gather the remaing supplies from their dead friends and continue to follow the map toward their treasure. Not too long and the pair reach the shore. Scouting forward they find an entrance to a cave near where the “X” is on the map!

Seeing some tracks and not eager to go into the cave, Gregory sets a trap near the entrance then both he and Ren fall back to hide among the rocks. A short while later they hear some people walking up behind them.

There is a quick battle where the two fight off what appear to be four cultists. After dispatching two of the four (and injuring a third), Ren recognizes his father! They are able to revive one of the two that had fallen and attended to the wounds of the third.

Talking with his father, Jack, Ren hears the story of a desperate town fallen on hard times that fell under the spell of a charismatic cult leader whose name was Sam. The fishing in the area had bad luck and when they joined the cult things got better. Jack and his friends were on the way to bring the offering to Water god.

They set up Jack’s friends with a fire to keep them comfortable while they recovered from their injuries and the three of them went back to the cave to bring the offering and investigate.

They quietly enter the dark cave and light a torch. In the main entrance they find two exits, to the right they discover a bedroll and some pouches of food. To the left they find a narrow corridor that bends to the right in a gentle arc. The get around the bend and see unbelievable creatures.

The creatures initially use a net on Ren’s father Jack and take him out of the fight. There is some back and forth in the fight, but Ren and Gregory prevail.

After tying up the survivors, they search the rest of the cave and find an unusually placed locked door. Behind it they find the old pirate treasure!


The treasure was, surprisingly everything I’d hoped it to be. The path there was somewhat… complicated. The promised hoard was in a sea cave that had seen recent foot traffic so I set a trap and we waited. Eventually a group of armed townspeople in strange garb appeared, we got the drop on them and dealt with them swiftly. The first one fell instantly to my crossbow and another went down nearly as fast. Ren for his part made short work of them, stopping only after realizing their apparent leader was his father.
A group of the locals had been swindled into worshipping some sort of cult at the behest of Sam. In return for their loyalty this cult provided them with plentiful fishing. Some sort of fish monsters filled the cave, we attempted to give them the offering but they either didn’t understand or weren’t interested. They raised a mighty defense but we got the better of them. Of the four creatures that attacked us we killed two. The two others we took as prisoners.
A door the creatures failed to open was discovered to contain huge amounts of treasure. The treasure itself is seven precious artifacts I’d appraise at 250gp each, a pair of potions, and a naval weapon I am wholly unfamiliar with. Being a man of vision, I recognized that the weapon was in fact the centerpiece of the hoard. It would seem that sometime after the pirate hid the treasure here the creatures took up residence. Sam having read the map and made contact with the creatures had to have made the connection. I cannot guess at his ultimate design.
My current interests all go the same direction, I desire to parley this advantage into another and piracy seems like an easy way to do that. Further, we appear to have disrupted the villages principle source of income, to say nothing of the fact that in my rashness I killed a man. I could equivocate all day about whether or not as a cultist he deserved to die, or whether I was justified in attacking when I did, but it’s ultimately irrelevant. At the end of the day he did not need to die and it is not my way to spill blood lightly. With a successful pirate crew I could enter an exciting new chapter of my life, make a handsome some of money outsmarting merchantfolk, and aid this community that sheltered me.
For now I remain in the sea cave, I intend to learn more about our captives and our treasure. The fish men could be a valuable asset though I’m not yet sure how.

The Cult and The Cave
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