Valley of The Tombs

The Caves of Chaos

Ari 10th 410no

The new adventure party finishes their training in the Reaper’s Keep.

During their training the ranger scouts the trail back to the caves through the dead forest where the wizard was taken captive. The druid explored the region around the keep and gathered more of the healing herb for her old mentor. The paladin spent time in the keep’s temple and made a contact with one of the lower clerics named George. The wizard recovered from traumatic wounds.

With training complete and wounds recovered, the group made its way through the dead forest to the caves. On the way, a patrol of kobolds interrupt the party’s path.

The party handles the patrol easily, and make their way to the caves. The caves opening had several dead kobolds. The party investigated and entered the caves. While searching the caves the party found a treasure chest that turned out to be a mimic.

After the battle with the mimic, the party continued to search the caves and had very little luck finding clues to the wizards origin. They did however find a secret entrance in the cave to a tomb dedicated to a warrior that fought creatures from the shadow realm. Solving puzzles and avoiding traps, the members of the party each get an amazing magic item.

The party heads back to Greenfork…


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