Valley of The Tombs

Rescue the Heir's Heir

Ari 7th 413no

Ari 7th 413no

The heroes leave the Winter Palace in a hurry. On their way to Timberwalk, the party stops at the military outpost to turn in their bounties for killing remnants of the enemy forces that dispersed after the Battle of Deerwood.

The party splits up at Timberwalk. Bor and Tig stay in Timberland for training. Rufus passes through Scapebridge to go to Paygate. Arthas and Illiador pass through Scapebridge on their way to Fishton. While in Scapebridge, the trio meet with the Duke and his advisor. At that point, the party shares the information they discovered at the Winter Palace. Upon hearing that was a liche in the depths of the Winter Palace, the Dukes advisor Clara (who normally whispers her advice) denies that it is even possible. Later Illiador, is able to arrange a private conversation with Clara a cleric of the death domain. She says the liche is an affront to death and that she needs to get more information on this entity.

The party also are offered generous rewards and the nobility rank of Baronet/Baronetess for turning over historically significant artifacts of the Kingdom of Azure (including what is believed to be the last Queen’s crown). The Duke also offers either an opportunity to build out and defend a county in the disputed lands or the opportunity to reside in his city. Arthas has also made arrangements with the Duke’s blacksmith to fashion platemail.

After training in their seperate cities and pursuing various downtime activities, Rufus, Illiador, Arthas, and Tig reunite at Scapebridge. Each party member sees massive evacuations by Imperial forces throughout the Disputed Lands. The cause? Rumours of some sort of revolution or collapse of government in the Great Walled City of Tolbrook in the Reborn Empire.

Arthas tells the story of the Cravens and their concern about the collapse of Fishton when Fort Shark is abandoned. They implore him to ask the Duke for assistance in defense of the city.

As Tig travels to Scapebridge to meet the party, she travels with Imperial forces that have been called back to the lands of the Reborn Empire across the Great Harbor. With her was the Cleric of the Onegod that was working on the Temple in Timberwalk. He explained to her that with the withdrawal of Imperial forces he would not be able to sustain the building effort. Also in the large group traveling from Timberwalk to Scapebridge, the Rock brothers are on their way to petition the Duke for nominal control of the county of Timberwalk. Their wealth generated by the newly re-opened mine will help equip troops for the defense of Timberwalk and the surrounding lands.

When the party gathers together with the Duke, he informs them that there is some sort of astonishing planar incursion happening in Tolbrook. He is sending out requests for more support from the other kingdoms, but has not heard anything yet. When Arthas brings up the concerns of the craven family, the Duke says that they must earn their right to nobility and defend thier city or see to the safe evacuation of its citizens.

Harry the Heir comes into the audience chamber, and implores the heroes to go to the city of Tolbrook and rescue his son who was acting as a page for one of the cities nobles.

The heroes quickly gather their forces and go to Tolbrook. As they approach the city – smoke plums are all over. The most astonishing thing missing from the skyline – the teleport plateform that the Reborn Empire had built is gone!

They work their way through the city that is on fire. Weaving through the city streets and occasional rooftop travel dodging large bands of fiends and demons they work their way to the noble neighborhood to find the heir’s heir – Regan. After a quick battle in the street outside the manor house the party steps into the building to find him.

Part II
Ari 7th 413no

After fighting off the marauders in the street, the party approaches the noble house and pound on the front door to overcome the noise in the streets. Arthas explains to the master at arms that the group has been sent by the duke to pick up his grandson.

The are taken downstairs to meet the noble family who is reluctant to give up their page to strangers. Arthas shows the documents with the Duke’s seal. The noble is convinced the imperials will save them from the trouble in the city. The party tries to convince them of the danager but fail to convimce them to come with them. After belabored discussions, the nobles give permission to the duke’s grandson, Regan, to leave with the adventurers (though they think its a bad idea).

The party heads out to the street and starts making their way to the next district when some sort of hellhound takes Rufus down in a vicious attack then flees before anyone can react. The party attends to his wounds but Rufus does not immediately recover. The party ties him to his bear and move on to the next district.

Regan starts getting concerned when he sees the party seeming to search every other building as the head through the district. “Hey you guys said we had to get out of here fast! Why are we going so slow?” While the party is looting a ransacked potion storefront one of the party members says, “Shut up kid we’re saving your life.”

As they move into the next district, a fairly intact district of well off middle class manors that are lined up in well structured streets. The party stumbles across the masked spell caster – this time with a trio of hell hounds! After surviving several fire blasts, the party manages to kill off the hellhounds, but AGAIN… the masked mage makes an early exit and escapes again.

Part III
Ari 7th 413

As the party is sneaking from one district to another, Rufus finally recovers from his injuries. The adventures head from a fairly well of high middle class district into an overrun merchant district.

Ducking into corners to hide, the party hears and then sees a knight lead patrol charging down the streets. Before they knew if the patrol was friend or foe they were around a corner and un-hailable. Sunset is coming and they continue on to the next district.

Another overrun district with all manner of shadow beings, devils and demons. Some are flying and some walk the streets. Sometimes they fight each other and sometimes they are fighting against some strange monster. The party makes its way through to the last district before the docks.

There is some calmness in this government district that normally deals with imports and exports from the city along the Great Harbor. As bleak as some districts seem, this one seems orderly and almost normal until the party stumbles on a group of dueguar and shadow elves at an intersection. Before intentions can be figured out – battle begins!

Arthas and Tig run to the front to engage while Rufus and Illiador support them with spells and bolts. During the battle the duaguar run away and the shadow elves turn their full attention to the party. The shadow elves appear to have difficulty seeing in the bright light of the late afternoon. One of them appears to cast darkness! Summoned fiends appear and the battle continues on with some close calls until the party is able to fight the shadow elves off.

The party races to the docks and board their ship with the Heir’s heir in tow.

It is the 7th day of Ari in the 413th year of the New Order

The Walled City of Wonder is in chaos… has a new era started?


Luvvit! Looks like these characters get to be part of loads of big events!

Rescue the Heir's Heir
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