Valley of The Tombs

Reefshore and the Treasure Map

Agrari 2nd, 413no

The quaint village of Reefshore sees a son return…

Ren returns to the small fishing village after dividing the meager plunder from his last cruise. It was a pittance, but he is not coming home empty handed. He has a treasure map that his mate gave to him as he was dying.

Ren visits his family and then heads down to the shore to The Slippery Fish to see if he can find any of his childhood friends. Whether they left the small town or not, they would be a tough crowd to recruit from if he was going to have any trouble searching out the treasure.

Carousing the night away, he finds his old sidekick from childhood Tango and meets up with a new gambling friend Gregory and his sidekick Sam. Gregory sells an elixir of tremendous properties to Ren and become fast friends gambling the night away. Ren eventually shares his knowledge of a prize nearby and recruits these new acquaintances on the adventure.

Heading home for the night, Tango mentions to Ren that he does not really trust Sam and Gregory as they have been acting in a suspicious manner ever since they came to town. Sam has been around longer and seems to be a holyman of some sort, but why would he act as a bartender? Gregory seems to do most of his business with people passing through town. Occasionally someone angrily comes back to look for him, but he always seems to be out of sight.

The group meets up in the morning and head down the road. They see an armed patrol on horseback and yield the road to them… always safer to avoid the patrols or nobles: who knows what they will get angry about?

As they get closer to the area of the shore that the X marks on the map, they peel off the main road and hear some strange noises. They investigate and see a giant alligator!

A quick battle ensues as the alligator makes its way to the water of a nearby pond when the party splits up. It kills Sam in one bite and nearly at the same time tail whips Tango nearly to death and finishes him off shortly thereafter. With some cunning action, Gregory kites the alligator away from the bodies causing damage as he retreats. Ren also gets in there face to face with the monster. After both men damage the monster to within an inch of its life, it retreats to the pond to try and lick its wounds.

The two take some time to prepare to attack the alligator when it resurfaces. Gregory lays a trap, and Ren and Gregory both chop up pieces of their former friends to bait the trap and chum the water. Then they go into bushes and hide. Gregory tries out some of his new orange camoflage face paint. Ren puts his friends bloody shirt over his head to help himself hide.

Needless to say their attempts at subterfuge do not work, their prey stays under water for a long time. After a while, the alligator surfaces and heads back towards the bodies. Once there he gets hit by a bolt from Ren and then triggers the trap which prompts an attack from Gregory.

The giant alligator is finally dead… time to loot the bodies?


The next phase of my illustrious career as a fugitive in a tiny fishing town continues to go swimmingly. I sold a scurvy remedy to a returning local by the name of Ren. I tend to avoid anyone likely to stick around but I’m relatively pleased that I made an exception, I bilked him for five full pieces but far more interestingly I discovered he had a map that he claimed lead to treasure. He lacked the guile to be a bushwacker so I agreed to assist him in recovering the treasure. The angles are plentiful, I could steal the treasure after he’s recovered it, I could steal the map, or even cut a deal with the buyer.

Sam joined us, as did Tango. I was concerned with Tango, both local and savvy enough to realize I’m not quite what I purport to be. His friendship with Ren put my identity in danger. After a brief and yet harrowing brush with a group of patrolman who were on top of us before we knew what was happening we struck out for where the treasure was hidden.

A giant alligator obstructed our path, I was quick enough to stay a step ahead of it, sticking it with arrows and my rapier whenever I could. Ren did his own bit with a crossbow and blade. We underestimated it’s speed in water and willingness to ignore the closest targets. It killed Sam in the blink of an eye, took down Tango just as fast. Tango found his feet but it tore him apart.

We kept at it, harassing it with bolts and arrows, staying out of it’s reach. It fled into a pond but we kept eyes on it though it remained beyond arrow reach. I set a hunting trap and baited it with the nearest fresh meat, Sam. It worked, the beast was trapped and we quickly finished it.

The loss of Sam was regrettable I would like to have known him more. A lack of experience but a true knack for the life, one of the few friendly faces in my exile. I would also have liked not to have been forced to dismember and feed him to a monster. Still I was his co-conspirator not his baby-sitter, I did right by him and his passing, while tragic, was the result of his own choices. His death will probably bring questions in Reefshore so I suppose my quiet life is over, when we get this damned treasure Gregory Glinn’s taking to the road, or perhaps the sea. First though I intend to give Sam a burial befitting a man of our profession. I’ll take his coin purse, pry every ring off his fingers, lift his boots, snatch up his weapons and ammunition, and once I’m satisfied he doesn’t have anything remotely valuable or useful I’ll kick some dirt over him and be off.

That’s the way of things, when you’re lucky your everybody’s friend, then you get caught. Doesn’t matter if it’s a guard, or a monster, or even old age but we get caught. And then, all of a sudden it doesn’t matter how lucky you were before, doesn’t matter how many times you won. Thieves can be liked, they can be respected, but they’re never mourned.

Reefshore and the Treasure Map
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