Valley of The Tombs

Raid on the Borderlands

Raid on the Borderlands

Part I – Mishap in the Market and a Historical Mission
Maior 1st 411no

It’s been a year since anything happened in the Greenfork area. Ryllae the Druid is visiting the Reaper’s Keep, touching base with the locals and doing some bartering for supplies she does not find in the wild.

While in the tavern in the Inn, the bartender waves her over and mentions that there is a historian looking for a guide for the borderlands. Thewma the Historian, is an elderly halfling that has a great interest in a hero from these lands – Genny the Gifted.

After making arrangements with the small historian, another adventurer type approaches and says that he is familiar with the borderlands and would like to get in on the action. Chunt is a scout/trader for an isolated village in the borderlands. This is one of his few trips to civilized society.

They all agree to meet in a few days and head out to the wilds…

The next morning Ryh and Chunt happen to meet in the market when terror erupts! The crowd races out of every exit in the market, nearly bowling over the two adventurers. They keep hearing a repeated “thump” followed by screams. As they turn a corner they see some sort of cube shaped ooze surging back and forth in the market square. Next they see a Bull materialize and charge. After defeating the monsters, the two discover a small damaged wand that was in the ooze. The adventurers split a small reward from the keep officials after having to explain to the guards that they were not the reason for the disturbance.

A few days later, the adventurers lead Thewma up the main road into the borderlands a few days in they turn into a valley that was marked on Thewma’s map. The valley thrives with life as they start out. As the days continue, it seems any edible plant is stripped, every hunters hut is empty, and farm empty and broken.

The first broken down farmers hamlet, they investigate and find survivors from a kobold raiding party. They help the surviving farmers and head on up the valley to the next farm.

When the reach the farm, they find that its burned down and cold. As they are searching the farm, the party is attacked by a group of kobolds that are diverse. A spellcaster of some sort and some sort of super soldier along with the normal kobolds.

After they defeat the kobolds, the party captures a prisoner to take back to the keep. Searching the hamlet, Thewma finds the scroll about Genny he was hoping to find.

The party makes it back safely to Reaper’s Keep and collect their reward from Themaw. The collect an award for the prisoner from the castellion. The Lord of Reaper’s Keep announces within a few days that they have enough information to start gathering an army to go into the badlands. The castellion relay’s the commanders wishes that the party lead a scouting party ahead of the main force.

The party agrees…

It is now the 17th of Maoir in the 411th year of the New Order Kingdoms.

Part II – Raid on the Borderlands
(Raid on the Miniscule Empire)
Juni 19th 411no

The Rhy and Chunt spend a few days recovering from their last adventure and purchasing supplies in the keep on the borderlands. Rhy sees her old mentor Podge the Ranger and invites him to come be part of the scouting force.

The castilian mentions that the main force will follow them in a few days. He also introduces them to the leader of the squad of skirmishers that will be part of the scouting force. He mentions that they can send runners back to the main force with any important information regarding enemy movements.

Rhy and Chunt decide to add to their scout force by interviewing a number of adventurous farmers and other peasants who want to get revenge on the kobolds. Arming them with spears, the scouting force marches out to the borderlands.

With a lot of luck and by following the cautious lead of the old ranger, the scouting force successfully makes it to the hamlet where the adventurers fought the kobolds a week or so ago. The group continues forward with the information gathered from the prisoner to confirm the location of the kobold base.

When they arrive within a day’s travel of the kobold base, the party sets up a camouflaged camp. The majority of the farmer’s are assigned guard duty with a few of the skirmishers staying behind to reinforce their resolve.

The party scouts ahead and evaluates the layout of the kobold camp looking for weaknesses. There is large number of kobolds arrayed in front of an entrance to a cave where there are kobolds and humans coming and going well into the night. They go back to camp to make plans for the following morning with the idea that they will catch the kobolds at the end of their day when the sun rises up. They also send back runners to let the keep’s army know that they have confirmed the location and the state of the enemies forces.

The next morning Chunt sneaks into the camp to coat some of the shanties with oil so that fire will catch and spread more quickly causing alarm for the kobolds. He is discovered by a pair of kobold guards but continues with his mission to create a diversion. Once Podge the Ranger sends in some fire arrows, he helps out Chunt by sending a few arrows toward the kobolds harassing him. Skirmishers are also making feints at the main entrance to the kobold camp drawing the majority of forces away from the path the party intends to take toward the entrance to kobold caves.

With the plan to distract the kobolds not completely successful, Rhy creates fog to cover their advance toward the cave entrance.

Once successfully inside, the group drops some caltrops at the entrance and then advance into the darkness. It appears guards were being drawn out to see what all the commotion was all about, so they bamboozle them with bullshit and send the guards racing out of the cave and right into the caltrops. At that point, the kobolds realized that they were fooled and attacked!

Rhy, Chunt, and Podge manage to win the battle with the guards and head further into the caves. Passing through a few passage ways that have murder holes drilled through the walls, they feel lucky that the kobolds were not prepared for an attack. The party continues on passing by what look like a tiny family cave system where the majority of the kobolds live.

Turning another corner, they run into what appears to be a mix of leader type figures, some human and some kobold. The party gets the jump on them and after battling a bit, the ground shakes and they hear a high pitched roar from further back in the caves.

The battle continues and suddenly a very young blue dragon breaks through the floor of the cave in the midst of the party and starts snapping and biting. Podge gets a few arrows into it and Rhy casts a moonbeam spell that causes a lot of damage to the monster, but the party feels outmatched and start to retreat.

They are wounded and retreating and manage to get a few more shots into the dragon when it burrows into the ground again screaming in pain. The party manages to escape alive.

The party retreats back to their hidden camp and meet up with the surviving skirmishers – both group proud of the chaos they created in the kobold camps.

The next day the united forces from Greenfork, Reaper’s Keep, and the surrounding areas arrive in time to find the kobolds still in disarray and battle them back into the caves and set up a seige. After some time passes, with a few battles here and there, the army see’s the dragon emerge at the top of the mountain above the cave entrance with what looks like the kobold leader on his back. While some in the army try to take shots at them, they attacks fall short due to how high up they are and the dragon and emperor of the kobolds, fly north.

The commander of the united forces declares victory and takes a large number of kobolds prisoner. Some forces stay in the borderlands to confront the smaller camps that remain behind, but it appears the kobolds have been damaged enough so they would not be a threat to civilized lands again in the near future.

Due to the war, the people of the borderlands did not get to celebrate the Summer Festival. When they return to the keep, the scout force is hailed as Heroes of the Battle of Kobold Valley and given awards. The celebrations go on for a week… the people no longer have to fear the kobolds.

It is now the 19th of Juni in the 411th year of the New Order Kingdoms.


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