Valley of The Tombs

Exploring the Borderlands

Juli 24th 410no

Juli 24th 410no

Exploring the Borderlands

A merchant train heads out of Greenfork to the uncivilized Borderlands…

A young nobleman from the southern kingdoms going by the initials L.O. joins the caravan seeking adventure. A ranger named Ayuthria signs on as a guard to the merchant train (recommended to the merchant by her old boss Frederick the head of the town guard). Ryllae the druid joins the merchant train for protection through the badlands to find some rare ingredients for her old mentor Podge.

Along the road the merchant train runs into a messenger from One Tree Tower warning them that kobold war parties appear to be active in the area. When they finally reach One Tree Tower, Ryllae finds out that the commander is interested in information in why the kobolds are on the move.

The merchant train continues on towards the keep on the borderlands, Reaper’s Keep. Ryllae’s keen eyes notice a bush moving when there is no wind and slings a rock that way after warning the others in the group.

Rye casts an entangle spell after the kobolds swarm from the bush! The young nobleman rushes up to engage the first set of kobolds and shouts out that there are more behind the bush.

A prisoner of the kobolds wakes up and realizes this is his chance to escape. He bursts through the bushes with his manacled hands held high shouting in an unknown language… and to his shock is promptly gets hit by Rye’s thorn whip and dragged towards her.

Ayuthria gets the first kill for the group with her longbow, and the noble continues to engage face to face with the kobolds and scores some blows that eventually kill off a couple of the scavengers.

Some of the other kobolds circle around the bush away from the noble and attack their escaped prisoner! The new guy goes down in agony. Rye rushes up to heal him and the group circles in to kill more kobolds.

Finally they are down to two kobolds, one surrenders after being surrounded by the group and the second still is entangled in Rye’s spell.

The group finds out the new guy’s name is Darsynius who said he was captured by the kobolds in a nearby cavern. He appears to be a spellcaster from a strange place due to his clothes and speech. The language difficulty makes it hard for the group to discern where he is from exactly, but they offer to help get him back to the caves he was captured in to see if there are any clues there. Darsynius appears to be interested in getting back to caves, but is also interested in figuring out whats going on in this new world.

The group interrogates one of the kobolds and eventually gets a map that shows a way to the cave and they let the kobold go. They group back up with the merchant train and take one of the kobolds to Reaper’s Keep for questioning/reward with the idea that they would come back to the trail to the caves after the ranger has marked it so they could find it easily again.

The group arrives at the keep to find an execution taking place. This appears to be a tough location with tough people. They do some business, collect a reward and decide to do some training to get better at their individual crafts.

Ten to fourteen days later, the wounds that Dar took in battle should be recovered and everyone should be done with their training.

It is now the 24th of Juli in the 410th year of the New Order Kingdoms.


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