Valley of The Tombs

A reprieve, an ascension, and a crop failure

Maior 28th 1213i

Maior 28th 1213i

Polin recovers from his brush with pirates and goes to Orton to pickup his possessions that were in storage with the Cragg family. While there he meets up with Vanir and they run into Karrick in the local bar. Karrick relays the story that he has been training up spear company of soldiers.

While taking his troops on patrol in hopes of getting the blooded on local bandits before taking them to the war in the south, Karrick was able to get a perfect spear shot on the bandit leader. The spear that he used for the throw was the one picked up in the first tomb that was raided by the group. Just as the spear entered between the eyes of the bandit leader there was a flash and in a second or two, the spear disappeared.

A couple of days later right before Polin and Vanir leave town, there was a report that the local temple had a visitor in the night. It is reported that the visitor was a monsterous draconic humanoid that broke through the wall and ransacked the sleeping quarters and then left. After all of the excitement had ended (there were no serious injuries), the only thing missing was the shield that was picked up along with the spear from that long ago tomb raid.

On the way back to Scapper, Polin and Vanir stop by Tolbrook and witness another imperial teleportation. Polin notes that it is interesting that the platform is the highest point in the city. Since no other buildings look onto the teleport platform, the special markings can’t be copied by others.

Back in Scapper, Polin and Vanir arrive to find Lord Scape worried about the recent crop failures. He asks the pair to investigate and report to him the results. After about a week of investigation, Polin and Vanir report that the local ground water has likely been poluted by the area water source (the marsh and river). It appears to be just enough to NOT harm humanoids or livestock, but enough to alter any fertalizer procduced. Polin suggests that historically, it is known that a dragons lair can polute water in this matter and Vanir points out that there is another water source nearby that could possibly be re-directed. During the investigation, Vanir was also able to protect one crop from failing by casting protection from poison on the field.

The next adventure will take place right at the beginning of the summer festival


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