Valley of The Tombs

A Banshee's Wish and a Warlords Fall

Juni 9th 1213i

A Banshee’s Wish and a Warlords Fall
Juni 9th, 1213i

The Summer Festival arrives in Timberwalk and so do the adventurers (Vanir, Polin, Darvin). While strolling the festival markets Polin recognizes and meets the White Wizard Nakan and his entourage.

The group offers to escort the white wizard to the mines after the festival is over. During their travels many tidbits of history regarding the mines, the shadow path, and the azure brazier are shared.

After arriving back from their escort mission Vanir convinces the rest of the group to go on the banshees quest that he was given by sister gabrielle.

Due to the tremendous politeness and smooth talking from all members of the party she grants 1 question to each member that she answered and then the promise of the comb (currently with wyn?) seems to drive her mad…

The group tracks up the coast to investigate hobgoblin raiding problem’s and meets the elders of the village of Trouthead Bay. Further up the coast they find a ruined village and hobgoblin guard post.

After dispatching the guard troops, the group heads to the lighthouse at the north east corner of the disputed lands. It is there that the final showdown with Warlord Karth and his minions takes place.

The group takes a number of prisoners and have a few options before heading back home:
1) Immediately start back on foot with the prisoners and treasure. Along the way make some arrangements with the council elders at Trouthead to have them man the lighthouse. 5 days travel

2) Recover and reconnoiter the area. Refurbish the lighthouse while waiting for a ship that would be sent for via Polins messenger wand. Take prisoners and treasure back to one of 4 cities: Blue Cove, Orton, Tollbrook, or Scapper. 5 days of waiting; 1 day of travel to Blue Cove or 4 days of travel to the other three cities.

3) Recover and reconnoiter the area. Refurbish the lighthouse while waiting for a troops from the white marbal mansion that would be sent for via Polins messenger wand. These troops would help to escort them back to one of the southern cities Blue Cove, Timberwalk, or Scapper. 5 days of waiting 5 days of travel.


Polin is exhausted mentally and physically from the showdown with Warlord Karth. Darvin fought bravely charging in with little regard for his own safety. Vanir unleashed wild magics upon the foes. Explosive magics and steel clashed dramatically until the warlord saw no path to victory and surrendered. In the end, Darvin gave his all and lay unconscious. Vanir’s resolve was tested when Darvin fell but stay he did. Afterward, Polin winced in pain as his skin and clothes showed the signs of enemy fire magic. He was glad the battle ended when it did as his spell reserves were running dangerously low. After securing the prisoners, he will rest and request troops be sent from the mansion to assist on the journey back. Polin claims the Eyes of Charming, the Hobgoblin’s spell book, and his share of the spoils.

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