Valley of The Tombs

The Ambush and the Cave

Sepit 21st, 1212i

Polin starts the recovery process and begins training (along with Darvin and Rumblebelly), while at the Scape Manor house. The wounds to Polin were extensive and he is still visibly weak when starting his training. Wyn disappears for a couple of weeks.

Zebest played the taverns to gather rumors about the type of threats that are plaguing the region (humanoids with weird wavy limbs kidnapping peasants, and gangs of monstrous bearmen waylaying travelers). Lord Scape’s man-at-arms confirms those rumors and he reports news from local traders that a legionnaire and an imperial war wizard were spotted in the marsh and that a very fast large monster destroyed a caravan near Prospector Town.

In response to a message from Polin to the White Tower, a shieldman named Harold arrives to help with the quest. He is ancient by adventurer standards, but he is quite professional about his duties in protecting his charge.

The travel to Creekside (a small village near the marsh to the east of Scapper), is uneventful. After interviewing the locals and spending the night, the group heads off to see if they can track down the kidnapped peasant family that were taking away in the night a week or two ago.

Along the way the group spots a trap, and is ambushed by a group of bearmen and wolves. The group dismantles the ambush with minimal difficulty, but one of the bearmen escapes. The group follows the trail of the bearman back to its hideout (after Rumblebelly skins the wolves). Polin uses his owl familiar to scout ahead and it was killed by guards outside the hideout.

As the group pushes its way from room to room in the cavern system, the adventurers would kill most of the monsters and others would fall back to the next room. Until finally the group faces off against the leader and the remaining forces. They attempt to setup a surprise attack, but take too long to execute the plan and the bearmen attack them while they are bottled up in the hallway.

During the battle there were many magical misfires and a couple of lucky strikes. Unfortunately Darvin was knocked out and wounded severely, Wyn was knocked out but quickly stabilized by Rumblebelly, and finally Harold the Old was knocked out but quickly stabilized since it happened at the end of the fight.

After the final battle, the group backtracks through the tunnels to find Silaar, the legionnaire chained to the wall barely alive. A mother and her two children were also chained up, but in better condition, and they confirmed that the bearmen and goblins have been beating Silaar down every day.

The group now has 4 goblin prisoners and a pile of stuff to transport. A treasure chest was found hidden among ten boxes of provisions (stamped with the blue lion). Which way will the group go?



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