Valley of The Tombs

Storm of Pirates at Blue Cove

Maior 5th, 1213i

Maior 5th, 1213i

Darvin and Polin meetup up in Timberwalk. A big storm hits the region damaging buildings, roads, and crops. Reports come in that their are small bands of pirates harassing the nearby coastal port village of Blue Cove. There are also reports of hobgoblin warriors raiding up and down the coast north of the port.

Commander Brian asks Darvin and Polin to take two squads of imperial troops from the garrison to lend Blue Cove assistance. The port is not used often since trade on the Great Harbor is considered safer than the ocean, but they do provide a fair amount of seafood for Timberwalk.

The team arrives in town and gets the lay of the land, meeting a couple of locals and the mayor. They hear that the pirate attacks have been in small groups and normally they are much larger groups. The damage from the storm is much worse in the village and the bigger ships in the docks are out of commision.

The villagers gather around a couple of dead bodies that turn out to be Jagger Eye, the most dreaded pirate on the east coast.

Darvin, Polin and their personal assistants leave the imperial troops behind to help guard the town. They head out in a skiff across the cove, and encounter some pirates that end up capturing them. The pirates steal all the stuff they are carrying and tie up the wizard and recruit the melee types. Darvin and the melee types play along with the pirates and investigate the lighthouse. Once the pirates find a map showing that their ship has been sunk to the deepest part of the cove, they decide to headsouth by land to raid other fishing ports until they can find a bigger ship to take over.

They abandon the wizard tied up in a cave and the pirates head south. On the first nights watch, darvin and the melee types volunteer for night watch and make thier escape back to Polin.

The imperials stay behind in Blue Cove, while Darvin and Polin head back to Timberwalk in defeat.

There are only a couple of weeks left until the Summer Festival.


Vanir never showed up to Timberwalk… who knows where he is?

Rumblebelly is still doing some sort of job for Darius.

Zebest is still on tour

Storm of Pirates at Blue Cove
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