Valley of The Tombs

Rock Brothers Mine (part 2)

Agrari 4, 1213i - the azure flame, the black monolith, and a path to nowhere

Agrari 4, 1213i

Darvin, Polin and Vanir spent the night in the mine crew quarters after the battle with the black slimes.

In the morning, the mine manager requests that the party investigate the tunnel that they blocked off with an intricate door system. This was the tunnel that the dryder ran down when escaping the party.

First the party spent some time investigating the azure flame brazier and adding its magic to their weapons and armor. Past the blocked off entrance to the tunnel they planned to investigate, the party also spent some time studying the black monolith. The monolith appeared to be deep black rock in a spherical room and it repelled any item with azure flame.

The party traveled down the dryder tunnel for a couple of hours and arrived at a room with three doorways and the far wall covered by a floor to ceiling mural depicting humanoids reaching to the sky on the right hand side and cowering in fear from the left hand side. The doorway to the right appeared to have a collapsed tunnel beyond it.

The party used the doorway to the left and traveled for a couple of hours and arrived at a small room with two statues and another opening straight ahead. The party figured out the azure flame items appeared to allow them to go through the openings.

As they travelled further for a couple hours to another statue room this portion of the tunnel opened up to what appeared to be an extremely large open space. The path the party followed appeared to be a narrow floor with no walls and no ceiling. Upon arriving at the next statue room the narrow path with walls and ceiling.

The party arrives at “another” mural room and have an encounter with a barbed devil with a black staff and some sort of shadow hound. Upon defeating the devil, the party heard a great commotion further down the hall and took off when they say a number of barbed devils coming toward them.

The party ran back the way they came and were able to out run their pursuers.

FLASH BACK a couple of weeks --

Polin and Vanir where in the town of Scapper, where Polin is settling in to an old tower that is being renovated for his use. While there, Lord Scape asked Polin and Vanir to investigate to see who was causing trouble amongst the new nobles (mostly imperials) that have been moving into his court.

Polin and Vanir were not successful in their investigation (1 success and 3 failures), but were able to provide a couple of names to the lord for further investigation (Chuda and Falan both of which are imperial noble names).


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