Valley of The Tombs

Old Mansion on the Hill

Ocia 10th, 1212i

After getting the request from Sil the Legionnaire to investigate the old manor on the hill, Zebest goes on a scouting mission using his ability to make himself invisible.

Over the period of a half day he did not see anyone approach the ruined manor, but did come across some old muddy footprints that lead to the cellar.

The rest of the group spread out around town collecting rumors and clues.

Meeting up with the rest of the group, they decide to go investigate the manor first thing in the morning.

Rumblebelly rolls into town that afternoon with some news that as he was working on his training in Creekside he was asked to go on a secret mission to deliver a message from Sil. Rumblebelly finished up his training in the town of Scapper after delivering Sil’s message to Lord Nigel Scape. He witnessed as Lord Nigel instructed his staff to send the message to the nearest imperial fort down by Fishton.

The group investigates the manor and finds several of the town’s guards appear to have stashed supplies and kidnapped citizens. After dispatching the guards that they could find (and a few skeletons) and rescuing Mirna and her children (and an unconscious man), the group reports what they found to Sil.

Sil is shocked at what the group found and he asks them to finish their investigation, while he works on town issues. He deputizes the group and warns them against any abuse of power, but sends them out with the power to act in his name in regards to the town’s troubles (especially the corrupted guard situation).

The group goes back to manor after a short rest and collecting some healing potions. The manor now appears to be deserted except for a lone goblin who faints deadaway when they enter his room. Polin gets lost in his investigation of the wizards books and alchemy equipment. The rest of the group investigates the wizards room and collects all of the scrolls, treasure and notes that they could find.

They report to Sil that the manor appears to be clear of issues at this point and turn over the goblin, and he tells them to feel free to go back and take first pick of anything they want to take and then the town will seize the remaining provisions and equipment in preparation for the coming winter and any battles to come.


Polin thanks Sil and happily returns to the manor to sift through the piles of books. History books, oh very good! Alchemy books, oh fascinating…. He also visits the rooms he missed now he is more satisfied investigating all the books. Not a bad bed and fitting for a wizard… He and Harold pack up some of the fine bedding and furnishings.

Old Mansion on the Hill
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