Valley of The Tombs

knock knock knock... who is it? landshark

Ocia 8th, 1212i

The group heads back to Creekside to recover and train from the recent battles. During the travel and as the group settles back into town, Zebest makes a connection with the peasant woman that was rescued. The goblins are used to pull the cart into the outer edges of the village and the group has a discussion about what to do with the “goblin” problem. Silaar requests some time to interrogate the goblins privately and offers to put them out of their misery.

During their time in town the group helps train some of the local youth in the village. After some time passes , the group heads out to Prospector Town. Rumblebelly said he would have to catch up with the team later.

A couple of miles before the group is planning to setup camp for the night, Zebest spotted an ambush. After scouting the enemy, the group coordinates their attacks and make short work of a group of hobgoblins. Or at least it would have been short work, near the end of combat a bulette (also known as a landshark) interrupted the combat by completely swallowing one of the hobgoblins and the hobgoblin’s leader got away.

Silaar recommended that the group run, and the group started retreating, but the bulette leaped into contact with Darvin who used his new morningstar to cause serious damage to the monster.

The bulette was beaten down, but managed to get away before dying. The party continued on to camp relatively unharmed.

The next day the party arrives in Prospector Town, a council led empire town. They meetup with a rep from the Bluelion Trading Company, Linnan. The party receives a large reward and the offer of 10% discount on normal adventuring gear along with an IOU that can be used at any Bluelion trade post.

After settling into the local inn, the next day they meet the town master who informs the group of various rewards that are on offer. They also meet Silaar Darius, who has settled into a town center office. He provides the party with a large reward for his rescue.

Silaar finally lets the party in on his mission. He is tracking an imperial red wizard who has gone awol from his legion/cabal during war time. He asks you to investigate an abandoned building that the wizard is known to have visited before leaving town, while he continues tracking down other leads.


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