Valley of The Tombs

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to the mine we go...

Ocia 16th, 1212i

The party spent the next few hours combing through the white marble manor for treasure, tending the wounds of the recently released prisoners and interrogating the hobgoblin prisoners. Zebest recruited an underling from the freed prisoners to train as a bard, Moon Riva.

When the Imperial army and allied forces returned, Sil tells the party that the goblin units used delaying tactics to let Warlord Karth’s main force to get away. The goblin units were defeated and the remnants dispersed into the hills and forest.

The party relates the information they found out from the prisoners (among the prisoners the party found the Rock brothers). Sil tells the party that both the mine and chasing down the rogue wizard are equally important to the empire.

Sil sends the legion, the mercenaries, and the town levies back to Prospector Town. He also makes a proclamation that the town will be referred to the old historical name “Timberwalk”. He orders the imperial auxiliaries to stay at the White Marble Manor with the elven archers. Their orders are to patrol and track down the location of Karth’s remaining forces. The position should allow them to help protect the elven community in the forest and prevent a sneak attack on Timberwalk.

Sil tells Commander Brian to see to the defense of Timberwalk (train the locals, finish the fortifications and walls).

Sil joins the party and the next day they head up into the mountains with Garth Rock as a guide. Along the way the party runs into some powerful monsters: Shambling Mound, Bullette, and a Troll.

The party finds the entrance and discovers that the Rock brother that was left behind to guard the cave entrance is dead. The party pulls back to set up camp and plan an investigation of the cave the next day.


OOC: it just occurred to me that I haven’t listed the party makeup in a while. Zebest, Polin, Wyn, Darvin, Rumblebelly (missing this week but normally present). Regular npcs: Sil the Legionnaire, Harold the Shieldman, and a new guy Moon Riva. Guide for current adventure is Garth Rock the halfling minor/propector

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