Valley of The Tombs

Exploring the Valley of the Tombs

First adventure with the new group

A small group of adventurers banded together to go exploring the Tombs. Karrick, Zebest, C Rumblebelly, Rothgar, Vanir and Wyn met up in the town of Orton and received some advice from the local temple elder.

“When adventuring in the tombs to bring back great magic items from the past, be sure NOT to disturb the remains.” George, the temple elder, went on to say, “The valley is filled with heroes from all types of peoples that have lived on this continent. You are more likely to find older tombs at the beginning of the valley and they are typically less dangerous trap-wise, as you go deeper into the valley it is more likely to see newer tombs with far more complicated traps and magic defenses. Also, be ware – there have only been a few adventurers claiming to go the valley in the last few years and none of them have returned alive!”

The group had an uneventful journey to the beginning of the valley and while searching for tombs to plunder actually had the good fortune of stumbling upon a new tomb that was in the process of being completed by a company of kobolds. The kobolds laid their hero to rest and attacked the adventurers with a fury that seemed almost like they were sacrificing themselves to be with their dead comrade.

The adventurers prevailed.


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