Valley of The Tombs

A Wail in the Dark

Juli 22nd 1212i (or 412 year of the new order)

This time Darvin (a fighter) joins Karrick, Zebest, Vanir, Wyn, and Polin to head out to the tombs…

After spending some time in town training, the group finds their way back to the valley with little trouble. While camping the first night in the tombs, the group is assaulted by some Will-O’-Wisps. The party was able to kill two before the others flew off. The new fighter was striking targets left and right.

When they finally found a tomb, Vanir and Darvin had a run-in with a shape shifting creature disguised as a chest, and luckily most of the party wasn’t too far behind before too much damage had occurred. Unfortunately there was no treasure to be found.

A sneakily crafted elven tomb that used a secret door in a cave was most dangerous. The group was fighting against a Banshee and zombies and having some success despite being caught in a bottleneck at the door. The cleric had successfully turned some of the zombies and the group was able to focus fire on the banshee when the Banshee’s Wail laid waste to the group.

The few that survived the wail in the dark were able to finish off the fight and were able to revive their companions and head back to Orton with their riches.


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