Valley of The Tombs

Hunt for the Whatchamacallit!
Juli 4th, 1212i

Juli 4th, 1212i

After training, ranger Rufus spends some time searching for a buyer for the masterwork scimitar that was acquired during their last mission. While out and about, he hears the cries of, “Wizard walking! Watch out there is a Wizard walking!”. Followed by the beatings of people too slow to get out of the way of the Praenecdivinos (wizard guards). As he dives out of the way to avoid the clubs, he runs into a camp tent occupied by a True Cleric of the Loner!

Illiadon the Cleric has been helping the wounded in the camps surrounding Fort Shark. Rufus takes him to Lieutenant Bearchan and Ill quickly agrees to join the Mixed Forces Unit. After a few days, they are invited to Imperial War Wizard’s Tower inside the fort walls.

Three of the wizards from one of the covens that are supporting the troops on the front lines are at the tower. Shank, the leader, explains that Rufus and Ian are there to establish familiarity with the wizards so that they can be used to relay orders via magic communication spells. Rufus rubs some of them the wrong way, Havok in particular. Ill, on the other hand was impressive, making great conversation with all three of the wizards (in particular – Tightrope).

The next day, Bearchan orders Rufus and Ill to investigate one of the targets on the map found during the last adventure. The enemy map had two targets with some goblin notes:
1- Make contact!
2- Search for the whatchamacallit

Now the map doesn’t actually say whatchamacalick, that particular word was some sort of amalgam of goblin and elvish language (like a goblin was trying to translate elvish and screwed it up).

They are given a squad of troops to assist them on their mission and along the way the make another supply delivery to Thistlewood. The delivery goes fine and after discussing local conditions in Thistlewood with Davik (the local commander), the team trade in the cart for a mule and start their search down the road into the dead woods near the ancient city ruins.

After a few days of tracking and searching, they find a cave that was dug into a hill in the marsh. The adventurers sneak into the cave and promptly set off a trap! Luckily no damage was done. Searching further into the cave, the ranger sees animal tracks head into a narrow offshoot of the tunnel.

Continuing down the main rocky corridor in the corner of a curve a statue of The Stag (an elvish version of one of the gods of the pantheon – a great deer – the name written in old elvish), at the next corner they see a statue of The Tide (a statue of a dolphin with some weird features). When they turn the next corner there is no statue, but the corridor turns again to lead to a room filled with skeletons… and a big statue in the elvish styling of The Overlord.

After a touch and go battle (with several team members being knocked down several times), the adventurers were victorious and drag their loot back to Thistlewood and eventually back to Fort Shark.

Raid on Thistlewood
Juni 10th 1212i

Fort Shark:

The Summer Festival is wrapping up when Old Harry the Heir, Commander of New Order Forces, picks out two up and comers during review. Both halflings, Rufus the Ranger and Tomas the Paladin, have out shined their comrades. At the same time, Commander Darius picks out Reinhardt the Paladin from the 1132nd Legion.

The soldiers spend the night on the town at the Summer Festival, carousing the night away and getting to know each other. The guys also take the opportunity to pick up some supplies, during the low prices that come with the festival. That night Rufus had a successful gambling, while Reinhardt found some way of insulting Duke Scapes’ son, Harold the Heir.

The next morning they meet with Lieutenant Bearchan, leader of the mixed forces unit. He explains that you are being teamed up as show of unity against our common enemy – The Dominion. He describes the mission, “There have been raids by enemy forces on our supply station in Thistlewood. You will take a delivery of supplies to the village and along the way investigate any issues. On arrival, continue investigating the area for the source of the raids.”

The party travels down the main road to Thistlewood and arrives after overcoming a broken cart wheel while traveling through some of the brush country.

The party meets with Lieutenant Dravik at the local inn. Dravik gave details about the village patrols and intel on the local raids. The party spends the night and starts their search the next morning.

After a couple of days of searching, the team finds the base of operations of the raiders and wiped them out without much trouble at all. After the battle, the group picks up everything they can with the cart and take it back to town.

Place holder - Fall Festival wrap up

saving this place to wrap up some lose ends for the jax group

The Ruined Tower of the Owl
Ari 28th 1213i

The party arrives in Scapebridge and split up to do their training and make plans to meet in Timberwalk later in the month.

When they arrive in Timberwalk, the see that the imperial auxiliaries are preparing to leave. The captain pulls aside Polin and Darvin to let them know that Imperial forces are pulling back to the area north of Tolbrook. Due to the approach of Fall, the dominions forces did not make it to conquer the north, but was able to take over Fort Shark to the south near Fishton.

With the political situation changing in the disputed lands, the party decides to investigate ruined tower between Scapebridge and Timberwalk. Before the party leaves town, the newly reformed town council tries to recruit Darvin as the leader of the town militia.

Polin, Keith, Darvin and Carver (darvin’s assistant) head to the Tower of the Owl. On arrival, they discover that while the tower’s upper floors are destroyed, the lower levels appear to be in good shape and the door is locked. Carver had trouble with the lock, so Darvin used his hammer to bash the door down. While knocking down the door, owlbears charged the group and were eventually dispatched.

The party explored the tower and found a extensive underground complex. While searching through the complex they found two huge guardian skeletons guarding a beautiful bejeweled woman that appears to be immobile. After successfully exploring the ruins, the party head back to Timberwalk with their loot. They also lock the lower levels and ground floor door with the idea of coming back

The Fall Festival starts tomorrow…

The Caves of Chaos
Ari 10th 410no

The new adventure party finishes their training in the Reaper’s Keep.

During their training the ranger scouts the trail back to the caves through the dead forest where the wizard was taken captive. The druid explored the region around the keep and gathered more of the healing herb for her old mentor. The paladin spent time in the keep’s temple and made a contact with one of the lower clerics named George. The wizard recovered from traumatic wounds.

With training complete and wounds recovered, the group made its way through the dead forest to the caves. On the way, a patrol of kobolds interrupt the party’s path.

The party handles the patrol easily, and make their way to the caves. The caves opening had several dead kobolds. The party investigated and entered the caves. While searching the caves the party found a treasure chest that turned out to be a mimic.

After the battle with the mimic, the party continued to search the caves and had very little luck finding clues to the wizards origin. They did however find a secret entrance in the cave to a tomb dedicated to a warrior that fought creatures from the shadow realm. Solving puzzles and avoiding traps, the members of the party each get an amazing magic item.

The party heads back to Greenfork…

The Tale of Two Towers
Juli 26th 1213i

Stepping through the portal from the tower in the city of Midnight and onto the tower in the city of Tolbrook, the adventurers feel their heads spin for a moment. As they recover, they see the monsters gathering and starting to flow through the portal.

Fighting several groups of monsters as they flow through the portal, the party is also able to damage two of the three entities holding the portal open.

When Vanir jumps back through the portal to try and convince his brother Wyn to come back to the real world, Wyn betrays the blessed of the dark one and helps cause the collapse of the portal. Havok is defeated and Gabrielle steps off the tower after seeing the battle go against her. The brothers are trapped on the other side when the portal collapses and have to travel back through the path in the mountains.

Not long after the portal collapses with Polin and Darvin in Tolbrook, an imperial legion teleports onto the platform. Together they fight their way down into the city, the imperial legion goes off to fight in the noble quarter, and the party fights its way into the university quarter.

There are several days of battle in the streets, Vanir and Wyn eventually (seems like it took longer than it should have) meet up with the party in Tolbrook to fight and they manage to take down a powerful drow wizard along with its compatriots.

The noble quarter has fallen to ruins with some of the soldiers of the darkside taking up residence. There is a calm after the storm. The Walled City of Wonder has become The Walled City of Chaos.

Extremely powerful entities are in control of the city and large parts of the population have fled or fortified their homes. Feeling lucky to take down a drow patrol, the party goes back to Timberwalk to resolve issues with the imperials regarding the rogue imperial mage Havok.

Journey through the Darklands
235th Day of the Dark Lady

In the Caves of Shadow Polin, Vanir, Darvin, and companions question the guardian of the caves. During the questioning they are attached by a group of giant spiders lead by a phase spider. After vanquishing their foes the group finish their questioning and continues on cautiously moving toward the front of the mine.

When they arrive at the front of the cave complex, they are shocked to see humans, goblins, and other humanoids being held as slaves by dark dwarf-like people. After liberating the slaves, one steps forward and identifies himself as a young noble named Trey who hails from Timberwalk.

The adventurers gather information from the slaves and then some of the companions guide the slaves back through the portal to the other side.

The group leave the caves and they take a long rest at the Black Marble Mansion (white marble in thier world). After recovering they travel past the ruins of Timberwalk and make their way to creekside where there is a small guardpost on the dirt road.

After paying their way past the guards they arrive safely in Snakebridge Port. Filled with people of many humanoid cultures, there are several magic shops along with temples dedicated to he dark ones.

The party books package to the City of Midnight, and the party are able to pick some information about their destination.

After arriving at the City of Midnight, the party makes their way to the Isle of Stars where there is a tower that is VERY similar to the tower in Tolbrook. There are scattered troops in the area and they befriend Tariff the Tiefling and he gives them the lowdown, “The portal opens at the top of the tower every day and then the crowd rushes to the top of the tower fighting amongst themselves”

The party agrees that it would be best to be early, so they head up the tower and find 3 black robed figures preparing the portal. They recognize Gabrielle and Wyn. After some discussion they step through the new portal back to the other side…

Juli 22nd 1213i

Juli 22nd 1213i

Polin, Vanir, and Darvin make plans to meet up in Timberwalk on the 20th. From there they head out to the mines to check on their investment.

When they arrive the Rock Brothers management mention that they have a problem with one of the mineshafts they are looking to open up, but that Nakan (the old white wizard) wants to speak to them first.

Nakan mentions they material they found the barbed devil digging up appears to extend or increase the power of conjuration spells. He hypothesis that since no one saw the devil come in or out of the mines they may have used it as a way to extend teleportation.

The words have barely left his mouth when a flash and a crack of sound indicate that the new magic circle situated behind the brazier (which has been blocked off so that people don’t accidently walk into it) announces the incoming teleportation of two white robed wizards.

Master Colm announces to the crowd that Tolbrook is being invaded by Barbed and Bone Devils. He is here to create 100’s of magical weapons (swords, hammers, spears, arrows) using the blue flame so that the town guard and white shields can stand a better chance against the invading monsters.

The group helps with the process and Colm shares the details he knows about the invasion and asks if the group would like to go back with him to fight!

After discussing it, the group decides to try and find the source of the invading armor by travelling to the shadow realm.

They create some blueflame weapons and armor (and extend it with the new material that was found) then head out to travel the dark road.

When they get to the otherside, they fight an undead standing bull skeleton. After a few hours of travel, they get to the otherside’s version of the mines the group finds it is very familiar. They get to the area that holds a brazier, they find the dryder that escaped long ago. The battle goes well for the party they kill the dryders companions along with the dryder. At the last moment Vanir heals the dryder to 1hp and Darvin grapples it to try to prevent it from casting…

Approx 6 hours have passed since lighting up their weapons with the blue flame.

It is the 22nd day of Juli, in the 1213th year of the Reborn Empire

Exploring the Borderlands
Juli 24th 410no

Juli 24th 410no

Exploring the Borderlands

A merchant train heads out of Greenfork to the uncivilized Borderlands…

A young nobleman from the southern kingdoms going by the initials L.O. joins the caravan seeking adventure. A ranger named Ayuthria signs on as a guard to the merchant train (recommended to the merchant by her old boss Frederick the head of the town guard). Ryllae the druid joins the merchant train for protection through the badlands to find some rare ingredients for her old mentor Podge.

Along the road the merchant train runs into a messenger from One Tree Tower warning them that kobold war parties appear to be active in the area. When they finally reach One Tree Tower, Ryllae finds out that the commander is interested in information in why the kobolds are on the move.

The merchant train continues on towards the keep on the borderlands, Reaper’s Keep. Ryllae’s keen eyes notice a bush moving when there is no wind and slings a rock that way after warning the others in the group.

Rye casts an entangle spell after the kobolds swarm from the bush! The young nobleman rushes up to engage the first set of kobolds and shouts out that there are more behind the bush.

A prisoner of the kobolds wakes up and realizes this is his chance to escape. He bursts through the bushes with his manacled hands held high shouting in an unknown language… and to his shock is promptly gets hit by Rye’s thorn whip and dragged towards her.

Ayuthria gets the first kill for the group with her longbow, and the noble continues to engage face to face with the kobolds and scores some blows that eventually kill off a couple of the scavengers.

Some of the other kobolds circle around the bush away from the noble and attack their escaped prisoner! The new guy goes down in agony. Rye rushes up to heal him and the group circles in to kill more kobolds.

Finally they are down to two kobolds, one surrenders after being surrounded by the group and the second still is entangled in Rye’s spell.

The group finds out the new guy’s name is Darsynius who said he was captured by the kobolds in a nearby cavern. He appears to be a spellcaster from a strange place due to his clothes and speech. The language difficulty makes it hard for the group to discern where he is from exactly, but they offer to help get him back to the caves he was captured in to see if there are any clues there. Darsynius appears to be interested in getting back to caves, but is also interested in figuring out whats going on in this new world.

The group interrogates one of the kobolds and eventually gets a map that shows a way to the cave and they let the kobold go. They group back up with the merchant train and take one of the kobolds to Reaper’s Keep for questioning/reward with the idea that they would come back to the trail to the caves after the ranger has marked it so they could find it easily again.

The group arrives at the keep to find an execution taking place. This appears to be a tough location with tough people. They do some business, collect a reward and decide to do some training to get better at their individual crafts.

Ten to fourteen days later, the wounds that Dar took in battle should be recovered and everyone should be done with their training.

It is now the 24th of Juli in the 410th year of the New Order Kingdoms.

The Landshark's End and the road to Thunderhills
Juli 10th 1213i

Juli 10th 1213i

After the last adventure in the mines, the group heads back to town. Rumblebelly disappears into the crowds of Timberwalk not to be seen again for awhile. Polin and Galen meetup with Darvin to make plans to investigate the Thunderhills and circle back to the mines.

Instead of taking the direct route to the Thunderhills ruins, the group decided to pass through Scapper so that Polin could store some of his belongings at his tower. The easier road was also intended to give Galen some time to recover from his grievous wounds that he received at the battle in the mines.

The landshark attacks the party on the road to Scapper. The beast has been terrifying the road between Timberwalk and Scapper for years. This is the second or third time some members of the party have fought this devastating monster and this is the time they finally defeat it.

After taking care of business in Scapper (and introducing the group to Lord Scape), the party heads north to the fishing village that is nearest to Thunderhills Pass. The village was welcoming. The folk are hard working fishermen who mention that they are proud members that answer the call when the Scapper town levy is deployed.

The next morning the party heads up to the hills. As they got closer to the ruins, the party saw signs of activity in the town and they focused on trying to approach the town quietly. The western part of the ruins seemed abandoned for the most part, some zombies, skeletons, and plant creatures were avoided.

As they approached the middle of town, the overgrown bushes and trees made movement difficult. The party avoided the main streets and tried to keep out of sight of the tower on the hill in case there were lookouts.

There was much more activity on the east side of the ruined town. Humans, goblins, and kobolds were scurrying up and down the street. The party works out a plan to draw the bad guys into a trap (being concerned that they have still not found the old druid named Reed that is known to be in these parts). It turns out the humans cloaked in blue are the same people that stayed at Darvin’s Inn at Timberwalk a ways back.

The plan works and the battle begins and ends fairly quickly. As the silence spell is ended, the party looks up to see a blue dragon perched on the ruins of the tower on the hill. They race through the brush to the main building on the east side of town the party found the druid chained to the wall. The party fights some more dragon cult members. The do a quick search of the building, the party picks up some loot and head back outside with the druid in tow.

After the final battle, the group sees the dragon feasting on the dead. The group cancels the original plans to head through the deerwood to the mines and instead circle back through the hills back to the main road to the fishing village then back to Scapper.

During the travel back, Dravin recalls that there were a least 8 members of the blue dragon cult group that visited the inn, and you only fought and dispatched 7 blue cloaks…

note: the date listed in all the entries is the date at the end of the adventure


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