The Farland Continent has been isolated from the rest of the world for millennia.

It is believed that the Old Gods wanted a portion of the world to remain similar to when the world was created. The huge oceans and never ending monstrous storms have helped achieve that isolation.

For a long time the elves ruled the east as the Dominion, until a human revolt broke the old ways. Jonar the Elf-Slayer created the New Order. His creation of the Millennium Sword and its derivative (lesser) copies known as Millenium Blades caused great destruction and broke the old Dominion into many smaller independent realms.

Recently, the Reborn Empire broke through the storms with an expeditionary force to establish a new colony. The degraded isolated kingdoms were no defense for the highly organized legions and high power wizards of the empire (nearly 90% of the original expedition was lost at sea).

Since taking over Tolbrook and establishing that city as a member of the Reborn Empire, there has been great advances in the knowledge of magic and warfare. Due to the losses related to sea travel, the RE has established a secure teleportation platform to bring in new legions and trade out natural resources from the Farlands.

Calendar and Time


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