Deities and Demigods

The gods of the world. Believed by most people to create the world and all the races. Theological debates whether or not the elementals created the world and the gods created the peoples, but it is generally accepted by the average person that they are the creators of the world and its peoples.

The gods don’t always have time to mettle in the lives of their subjects and these entities often serve some of the mundane tasks that the gods are tasked with doing. When the family of gods sit down to dinner, at least one of the demigods is a guest at the table. The conversation at the table often revolves around the demigods favorite subjects.

Animal Spirit Totems:
Theological debate about those that worship spirit totems is that they rejected the gods to worship beings they could see with their own eyes or that the gods made them outcasts and they searched for something else to worship.

They are the ultimate non-believers of the gods and instead place their trust and/or try to emulate the baser beasts of the world.

All God (all alignments and all domains):
Unknown in origin, The All God (also referred to as Allgod) is believed to be a construct of the Reborn Empire a few thousand years ago. Theological debate centers around the following: if this god is a construct, why does its clerics have power?

The fact that the allgod clerics have power is alarming to non-worshipers because they see no role for this god in their pantheon. The RE spreads the word and works of the Allgod, but they are patient. When the empire takes over a new region that worship the old gods, they simply indoctrinate the youth and wait for the old worshipers to die off (though of course they accept voluntary conversions as well).

Elemental Gods:
The Elemental Gods have fallen to cult-like status. There are theological debates about what role they played in creation, but the general consensus is that they created the world tens of thousands of years ago (and possibly the original entities that later became the gods).

Theological debate-wise, these gods are considered the MOST disinterested of all the gods in regards to their worshipers.

There is little common knowledge other than that they exist or once existed (and it is known that cults occasionally are discovered that worship these entities).

Deities and Demigods

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