Valley of The Tombs

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Exploring the Valley of the Tombs
First adventure with the new group

A small group of adventurers banded together to go exploring the Tombs. Karrick, Zebest, C Rumblebelly, Rothgar, Vanir and Wyn met up in the town of Orton and received some advice from the local temple elder.

“When adventuring in the tombs to bring back great magic items from the past, be sure NOT to disturb the remains.” George, the temple elder, went on to say, “The valley is filled with heroes from all types of peoples that have lived on this continent. You are more likely to find older tombs at the beginning of the valley and they are typically less dangerous trap-wise, as you go deeper into the valley it is more likely to see newer tombs with far more complicated traps and magic defenses. Also, be ware – there have only been a few adventurers claiming to go the valley in the last few years and none of them have returned alive!”

The group had an uneventful journey to the beginning of the valley and while searching for tombs to plunder actually had the good fortune of stumbling upon a new tomb that was in the process of being completed by a company of kobolds. The kobolds laid their hero to rest and attacked the adventurers with a fury that seemed almost like they were sacrificing themselves to be with their dead comrade.

The adventurers prevailed.

Puzzles are easy!

The adventurers have spent some time training up their skills and have turned their attention back to the Valley of the Tombs…

This time around Karrick, Rothgar, and Vanir are joined by Polin (a sage from the town of Nimble). The group gets to the valley and in no time they are attacked by some black bears. The bears were quickly dispatched and the team finds their first tomb.

The tomb is occupied by some big spiders and after a quick battle they find a large chest of copper pieces that date back to the old dominion. This turns out to be the tomb of Genny an adventurer. A book was discovered detailing her adventures.

After investigating an old bear den, the group discovers an ancient elven tomb. The immaculate wooden doors with rotating symbols were smashed open and the group had its most difficult encounter to date. Karrick saved the day with his ability to turn the ghast and gouls from the light. During this fight, Vanir revealed himself as a shapeshifter of some sort.

Some interesting items were discovered in the elven tomb, but more interesting was the two headed dragon that was discovered in the next valley…

A Wail in the Dark
Juli 22nd 1212i (or 412 year of the new order)

This time Darvin (a fighter) joins Karrick, Zebest, Vanir, Wyn, and Polin to head out to the tombs…

After spending some time in town training, the group finds their way back to the valley with little trouble. While camping the first night in the tombs, the group is assaulted by some Will-O’-Wisps. The party was able to kill two before the others flew off. The new fighter was striking targets left and right.

When they finally found a tomb, Vanir and Darvin had a run-in with a shape shifting creature disguised as a chest, and luckily most of the party wasn’t too far behind before too much damage had occurred. Unfortunately there was no treasure to be found.

A sneakily crafted elven tomb that used a secret door in a cave was most dangerous. The group was fighting against a Banshee and zombies and having some success despite being caught in a bottleneck at the door. The cleric had successfully turned some of the zombies and the group was able to focus fire on the banshee when the Banshee’s Wail laid waste to the group.

The few that survived the wail in the dark were able to finish off the fight and were able to revive their companions and head back to Orton with their riches.

A Fright in the Night
Ari 15th 1212i

Polin and Darvin head to Tolbrook for a couple of weeks of trading, training and research. While researching in the university library there was incident involving the local thieves guild. A small group of rogues broke into the 3rd level basement via sewer tunnels. After the fighting ended, Devlin told the story of his groups discovery of a hidden cache of books. While exploring they broke through the wall into the university sub-basement and took an assistant librarian named Nardo hostage. Devlin was carted off to jail and Nardo gave IOU’s to Polin and Darvin for future research for freeing him from his assailants.

Meanwhile back in Orton, Wyn finishes up training and Karrick finishes wandering around town.

The group meets up and heads back out to the tombs. They are surprised to see a gypsy train camped out at the entrance to the valley. Looks like the word is officially out and the valley may be more crowded!

First night in the valley and the will-o-wisps come back in force… the group fights them off… Wyn’s force damage appeared to be hitting home with much more success than the other attacks.

Second night during Darvin’s watch- out of the dark a halfling came… At first Darvin was concerned that the halfling was an infiltrator trying to get their guard down. Upon further investigation by the cleric, the halfling’s story appeared to check out.

Torry told the tale of an adventuring group that was ambushed in a middle valley tomb. Torry was convinced to show the group where the tomb was on the promise of a share of the treasure and an escort out of the valley.

The group approached the tomb (which appeared to have been dugout partially by a very large creature – a HUGE pile of dirt and the entrance was widened upto 20ft diameter). As the party went further into the cavern they came upon the place where Torry had fled the previous day. The party prevailed against a number of zombies (some were former members of Torry’s group) and a wight.

The party takes their treasure (and Torry) out of the valley. Do they stay and train at the gypsy camp or head back into town?

A Ball, a Festival, a Voyage

Sepit 4th, 1212i
The group heads back to Orton. Wyn and Darvin begin their training. On the weekend the group has been invited to the ball at the Seawin estate. They are able to meet all the nobles from the area and were able to make some good contacts. Sir Rolan, Knight of the Phoenix, was also in attendance.

As training wraps up for Wyn and Darvin, Rumblebelly gets an early release out of jail just in time for the festival. The fall festival doubles the population of the town bringing traveling merchants with unusual wares. Zebest was able to trade his bottle of rare elven wine for a magic short sword. There was also an arrow catching shield on the market.

During the past couple of weeks while the training and festival were going on, Polin had been in communication with the White Tower. Last month, Polin and Darvin had stopped by the White Tower on their way back from Tolbrook. While there Polin was interviewed and made arrangements to discuss possibly taking on a quest on behalf of the tower.

Recently, they have offered him a choice of quests. After discussing the options with the group, he chose the quest that takes the group to Scapper. While the festival winds down, the group makes arrangements with a caravel with a crew of 14 called the Bluewind, captained by Brance.

The travel went smoothly until they were almost in sight of the port of Scapper. The Great Harbor is known as a well patroled “safe” water way. Unbelievably, two water elementals have attacked the ship. The crew fight valiantly along with the group. During combat 8 sailors die, along with Polin and Rumblebelly being enveloped by one of the water elementals.

Rumblebelly was able to escape the clutches of the water elemental. Wyn manages to cast a scorching ray that does a great deal of damage and a few minutes later (with help from the rest of the group), the unconscious body of Polin falls to the deck. Not long after, the Bluewind pulls into the docks.

Polin is revived and is able to stagger to the Scape family manor house. The group meets the master at arms and upon seeing the writ of the White Tower, the hospitality is offered to the adventurers.

The Ambush and the Cave
Sepit 21st, 1212i

Polin starts the recovery process and begins training (along with Darvin and Rumblebelly), while at the Scape Manor house. The wounds to Polin were extensive and he is still visibly weak when starting his training. Wyn disappears for a couple of weeks.

Zebest played the taverns to gather rumors about the type of threats that are plaguing the region (humanoids with weird wavy limbs kidnapping peasants, and gangs of monstrous bearmen waylaying travelers). Lord Scape’s man-at-arms confirms those rumors and he reports news from local traders that a legionnaire and an imperial war wizard were spotted in the marsh and that a very fast large monster destroyed a caravan near Prospector Town.

In response to a message from Polin to the White Tower, a shieldman named Harold arrives to help with the quest. He is ancient by adventurer standards, but he is quite professional about his duties in protecting his charge.

The travel to Creekside (a small village near the marsh to the east of Scapper), is uneventful. After interviewing the locals and spending the night, the group heads off to see if they can track down the kidnapped peasant family that were taking away in the night a week or two ago.

Along the way the group spots a trap, and is ambushed by a group of bearmen and wolves. The group dismantles the ambush with minimal difficulty, but one of the bearmen escapes. The group follows the trail of the bearman back to its hideout (after Rumblebelly skins the wolves). Polin uses his owl familiar to scout ahead and it was killed by guards outside the hideout.

As the group pushes its way from room to room in the cavern system, the adventurers would kill most of the monsters and others would fall back to the next room. Until finally the group faces off against the leader and the remaining forces. They attempt to setup a surprise attack, but take too long to execute the plan and the bearmen attack them while they are bottled up in the hallway.

During the battle there were many magical misfires and a couple of lucky strikes. Unfortunately Darvin was knocked out and wounded severely, Wyn was knocked out but quickly stabilized by Rumblebelly, and finally Harold the Old was knocked out but quickly stabilized since it happened at the end of the fight.

After the final battle, the group backtracks through the tunnels to find Silaar, the legionnaire chained to the wall barely alive. A mother and her two children were also chained up, but in better condition, and they confirmed that the bearmen and goblins have been beating Silaar down every day.

The group now has 4 goblin prisoners and a pile of stuff to transport. A treasure chest was found hidden among ten boxes of provisions (stamped with the blue lion). Which way will the group go?


knock knock knock... who is it? landshark

Ocia 8th, 1212i

The group heads back to Creekside to recover and train from the recent battles. During the travel and as the group settles back into town, Zebest makes a connection with the peasant woman that was rescued. The goblins are used to pull the cart into the outer edges of the village and the group has a discussion about what to do with the “goblin” problem. Silaar requests some time to interrogate the goblins privately and offers to put them out of their misery.

During their time in town the group helps train some of the local youth in the village. After some time passes , the group heads out to Prospector Town. Rumblebelly said he would have to catch up with the team later.

A couple of miles before the group is planning to setup camp for the night, Zebest spotted an ambush. After scouting the enemy, the group coordinates their attacks and make short work of a group of hobgoblins. Or at least it would have been short work, near the end of combat a bulette (also known as a landshark) interrupted the combat by completely swallowing one of the hobgoblins and the hobgoblin’s leader got away.

Silaar recommended that the group run, and the group started retreating, but the bulette leaped into contact with Darvin who used his new morningstar to cause serious damage to the monster.

The bulette was beaten down, but managed to get away before dying. The party continued on to camp relatively unharmed.

The next day the party arrives in Prospector Town, a council led empire town. They meetup with a rep from the Bluelion Trading Company, Linnan. The party receives a large reward and the offer of 10% discount on normal adventuring gear along with an IOU that can be used at any Bluelion trade post.

After settling into the local inn, the next day they meet the town master who informs the group of various rewards that are on offer. They also meet Silaar Darius, who has settled into a town center office. He provides the party with a large reward for his rescue.

Silaar finally lets the party in on his mission. He is tracking an imperial red wizard who has gone awol from his legion/cabal during war time. He asks you to investigate an abandoned building that the wizard is known to have visited before leaving town, while he continues tracking down other leads.

Old Mansion on the Hill
Ocia 10th, 1212i

After getting the request from Sil the Legionnaire to investigate the old manor on the hill, Zebest goes on a scouting mission using his ability to make himself invisible.

Over the period of a half day he did not see anyone approach the ruined manor, but did come across some old muddy footprints that lead to the cellar.

The rest of the group spread out around town collecting rumors and clues.

Meeting up with the rest of the group, they decide to go investigate the manor first thing in the morning.

Rumblebelly rolls into town that afternoon with some news that as he was working on his training in Creekside he was asked to go on a secret mission to deliver a message from Sil. Rumblebelly finished up his training in the town of Scapper after delivering Sil’s message to Lord Nigel Scape. He witnessed as Lord Nigel instructed his staff to send the message to the nearest imperial fort down by Fishton.

The group investigates the manor and finds several of the town’s guards appear to have stashed supplies and kidnapped citizens. After dispatching the guards that they could find (and a few skeletons) and rescuing Mirna and her children (and an unconscious man), the group reports what they found to Sil.

Sil is shocked at what the group found and he asks them to finish their investigation, while he works on town issues. He deputizes the group and warns them against any abuse of power, but sends them out with the power to act in his name in regards to the town’s troubles (especially the corrupted guard situation).

The group goes back to manor after a short rest and collecting some healing potions. The manor now appears to be deserted except for a lone goblin who faints deadaway when they enter his room. Polin gets lost in his investigation of the wizards books and alchemy equipment. The rest of the group investigates the wizards room and collects all of the scrolls, treasure and notes that they could find.

They report to Sil that the manor appears to be clear of issues at this point and turn over the goblin, and he tells them to feel free to go back and take first pick of anything they want to take and then the town will seize the remaining provisions and equipment in preparation for the coming winter and any battles to come.

The Battle of Deerwood
Ocia 15th, 1212i

After the events at the old mansion on the hill wind down with the town administrators reviewing the contents stored in the cellars, Sil the Legionnaire declares the region to be under temporary military law stripping the town council of its powers. He announces to the town that due to the enemy activity in the area that palisades and fortified ditches will be created around the town. He also calls up the local levy.

Various party members go to the manor to pick out some choice material and store some of their excess possessions at the Blue Lion warehouse. The party prepares to head out on the trail to find the hobgoblin “castle”.

During the previous night the goblin dies in mysterious circumstances while in the town center jail (no physical trauma). With so much going on there is not much of an investigation…

Jed the miner has offered to help guide the party up the old road through the Deerwood and imparted some of his knowledge about the mines of the region.

While traveling the party is ambushed on two different occasions dispatching almost 15 goblins. Some captured goblins were interrogated and they told the group that they would be facing “over 100” hobgoblins at the main castle and also learned about other traps to look for on the road. As they traveled further up the road, they discovered a full blooded elf, named Piff, in a 20 ft pit trap.

Upon rescuing the elf, Piff described that he and his partner (Zandar) were investigating disturbances in the area. He is quite embarrassed about falling into a pit and it appears that his partner was taken captive while he was unconcious in the pit.

After extensive discussions, Piff and the party agreed that it might be too dangerous to conduct a stealth operation to rescue prisoners. So they both agree on a location where they plan to meet up in two days after taking news of the danger to their respective towns to see if they can rally the troops.

Back in Prospector Town, the group discovers a lot of activity going on. In addition to the Prospector Town Levy, there were alot more! The following are the list of human forces:

Prospector Town Levy
Scapper Levy
Egan’s Obligato’s (a mercenary company hired by Lord Scape)
621st Imperial Legion
Imperial Auxiliaries

These march into the Deerwood and meetup with the elven forces:
Deerwood Elf Scouts
Deerwood Elf Archers

The party embeds with one of the units to enhance the unit’s power.

These forces faced off against the following in wood terrain:
Warband of Karth (Karth the Hobgoblin Warlord)
Hobgoblin Infantry (2 units)
Goblin Guards
Goblin Archers
Goblin Skirmishers
Undead Legion

The battle raged on for 2-3 hours, at which point Karth’s forces withdrew from the battlefield after suffering major loses:

  • Undead Legion, Hobgoblin Infantry, and Goblin Skirmishers were destroyed.
  • The other Hobgoblin Infantry unit suffered significant losses and surrendered after being surrounded
  • Karth’s Warband, the Goblin Guards, and Goblin Archers all took minor damage before fleeing the battle.

Only minor losses were suffered by the Imperial Auxiliaries, the rest of the units appeared to be intact.

While various units harassed fleeing units and rounded up prisoners, the party stormed the white marble manor where it was believed the prisoners were kept. The party beat down several very strong hobgoblins, and the rest of the forces in the manor surrendered.

The party free the prisoners…


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