Valley of The Tombs

A lost child and an abandoned mine shaft
Juni 23rd 1213i

Juni 23rd 1213i

The Heroes of the Battle of Deerwood arrived in town with reports of victory and several prisoners including the warlord Karth and some of his captains and troops. Polin, Darvin, and Vanir hand them over to the Imperial Commander split the loot and go their separate ways for now. The rural folk are looking forward to a reduction in the constant hobgoblin raids of the past year since the battle.

Of note, there were significant numbers of goblins that escaped the Battle of Deerwood. There have been no reports of goblin raids. Their whereabouts remains a mystery.

Rumblebelly came back to town and was almost immediately beseeched upon to help find a missing halfling farm child named Harry. He meets up with Polin and a new adventurer in town named Galen at the inn and recruits them to help find the boy.

After a successful investigation, they narrowed down the search area to the Timberwood southeast of the old mansion (which reportedly has some sort of magic aura in the crevasse that has been sealed off by the people building the new temple). In a quick battle, the heroes rescue the child and dispatch the Nothic (a failed/devolved mage). Among the treasure was a short sword with blue flame. The pommel head of the sword has the head of a Deer (with a small rack to make the sword manageable). The Deer was the symbol of the noble family that formerly possessed the old mansion on the hill.

The next day Polin picks up his shield man and heads to the mines with Rumblebelly and Galen. Upon arrival they meet with the Rock brothers and Nakan. The Rock brothers have reported that they have been turning a decent profit for the first year of operation and that they are ready to expand operations to some of the deeper shafts.

Nakan advises the group that there are materials to be on the lookout for during their explorations. Glowing blue plant material and glowing blue metals or unusual material.

During the exploration they stumbled into poisonous plants and then into a family of Gricks. A fireball took care of most of them. An alpha grick appeared to get away, but there was some amazing treasure for the party to share.

When the heroes came to the end of the shaft, they found the alpha grick and a barbed devil. After splitting attacks for half a minute (in which the barbed devil appeared to take no damage), the party concentrated on the alpha grick when the barbed devil appeared to use telepathy to tell them “Humans get out of my way”

There were a few hits that connected with the barbed devil, but the party got out of his(?) way and let him walk out.

After he left, the party tried to gather material using magic and magic weapons. They succeeded and went back to the top levels of the mine without running across the devil and upon talking with miners, discovered that no one else has seen the devil. They take the material gathered to Nakan and he appears puzzled and will take some time to investigate it.

Does the enemy have another access point to the mines or are they so powerful as to walk past the defenses that have been set up?

A Banshee's Wish and a Warlords Fall
Juni 9th 1213i

A Banshee’s Wish and a Warlords Fall
Juni 9th, 1213i

The Summer Festival arrives in Timberwalk and so do the adventurers (Vanir, Polin, Darvin). While strolling the festival markets Polin recognizes and meets the White Wizard Nakan and his entourage.

The group offers to escort the white wizard to the mines after the festival is over. During their travels many tidbits of history regarding the mines, the shadow path, and the azure brazier are shared.

After arriving back from their escort mission Vanir convinces the rest of the group to go on the banshees quest that he was given by sister gabrielle.

Due to the tremendous politeness and smooth talking from all members of the party she grants 1 question to each member that she answered and then the promise of the comb (currently with wyn?) seems to drive her mad…

The group tracks up the coast to investigate hobgoblin raiding problem’s and meets the elders of the village of Trouthead Bay. Further up the coast they find a ruined village and hobgoblin guard post.

After dispatching the guard troops, the group heads to the lighthouse at the north east corner of the disputed lands. It is there that the final showdown with Warlord Karth and his minions takes place.

The group takes a number of prisoners and have a few options before heading back home:
1) Immediately start back on foot with the prisoners and treasure. Along the way make some arrangements with the council elders at Trouthead to have them man the lighthouse. 5 days travel

2) Recover and reconnoiter the area. Refurbish the lighthouse while waiting for a ship that would be sent for via Polins messenger wand. Take prisoners and treasure back to one of 4 cities: Blue Cove, Orton, Tollbrook, or Scapper. 5 days of waiting; 1 day of travel to Blue Cove or 4 days of travel to the other three cities.

3) Recover and reconnoiter the area. Refurbish the lighthouse while waiting for a troops from the white marbal mansion that would be sent for via Polins messenger wand. These troops would help to escort them back to one of the southern cities Blue Cove, Timberwalk, or Scapper. 5 days of waiting 5 days of travel.

A reprieve, an ascension, and a crop failure
Maior 28th 1213i

Maior 28th 1213i

Polin recovers from his brush with pirates and goes to Orton to pickup his possessions that were in storage with the Cragg family. While there he meets up with Vanir and they run into Karrick in the local bar. Karrick relays the story that he has been training up spear company of soldiers.

While taking his troops on patrol in hopes of getting the blooded on local bandits before taking them to the war in the south, Karrick was able to get a perfect spear shot on the bandit leader. The spear that he used for the throw was the one picked up in the first tomb that was raided by the group. Just as the spear entered between the eyes of the bandit leader there was a flash and in a second or two, the spear disappeared.

A couple of days later right before Polin and Vanir leave town, there was a report that the local temple had a visitor in the night. It is reported that the visitor was a monsterous draconic humanoid that broke through the wall and ransacked the sleeping quarters and then left. After all of the excitement had ended (there were no serious injuries), the only thing missing was the shield that was picked up along with the spear from that long ago tomb raid.

On the way back to Scapper, Polin and Vanir stop by Tolbrook and witness another imperial teleportation. Polin notes that it is interesting that the platform is the highest point in the city. Since no other buildings look onto the teleport platform, the special markings can’t be copied by others.

Back in Scapper, Polin and Vanir arrive to find Lord Scape worried about the recent crop failures. He asks the pair to investigate and report to him the results. After about a week of investigation, Polin and Vanir report that the local ground water has likely been poluted by the area water source (the marsh and river). It appears to be just enough to NOT harm humanoids or livestock, but enough to alter any fertalizer procduced. Polin suggests that historically, it is known that a dragons lair can polute water in this matter and Vanir points out that there is another water source nearby that could possibly be re-directed. During the investigation, Vanir was also able to protect one crop from failing by casting protection from poison on the field.

The next adventure will take place right at the beginning of the summer festival

Storm of Pirates at Blue Cove
Maior 5th, 1213i

Maior 5th, 1213i

Darvin and Polin meetup up in Timberwalk. A big storm hits the region damaging buildings, roads, and crops. Reports come in that their are small bands of pirates harassing the nearby coastal port village of Blue Cove. There are also reports of hobgoblin warriors raiding up and down the coast north of the port.

Commander Brian asks Darvin and Polin to take two squads of imperial troops from the garrison to lend Blue Cove assistance. The port is not used often since trade on the Great Harbor is considered safer than the ocean, but they do provide a fair amount of seafood for Timberwalk.

The team arrives in town and gets the lay of the land, meeting a couple of locals and the mayor. They hear that the pirate attacks have been in small groups and normally they are much larger groups. The damage from the storm is much worse in the village and the bigger ships in the docks are out of commision.

The villagers gather around a couple of dead bodies that turn out to be Jagger Eye, the most dreaded pirate on the east coast.

Darvin, Polin and their personal assistants leave the imperial troops behind to help guard the town. They head out in a skiff across the cove, and encounter some pirates that end up capturing them. The pirates steal all the stuff they are carrying and tie up the wizard and recruit the melee types. Darvin and the melee types play along with the pirates and investigate the lighthouse. Once the pirates find a map showing that their ship has been sunk to the deepest part of the cove, they decide to headsouth by land to raid other fishing ports until they can find a bigger ship to take over.

They abandon the wizard tied up in a cave and the pirates head south. On the first nights watch, darvin and the melee types volunteer for night watch and make thier escape back to Polin.

The imperials stay behind in Blue Cove, while Darvin and Polin head back to Timberwalk in defeat.

There are only a couple of weeks left until the Summer Festival.

Rock Brothers Mine (part 2)
Agrari 4, 1213i - the azure flame, the black monolith, and a path to nowhere

Agrari 4, 1213i

Darvin, Polin and Vanir spent the night in the mine crew quarters after the battle with the black slimes.

In the morning, the mine manager requests that the party investigate the tunnel that they blocked off with an intricate door system. This was the tunnel that the dryder ran down when escaping the party.

First the party spent some time investigating the azure flame brazier and adding its magic to their weapons and armor. Past the blocked off entrance to the tunnel they planned to investigate, the party also spent some time studying the black monolith. The monolith appeared to be deep black rock in a spherical room and it repelled any item with azure flame.

The party traveled down the dryder tunnel for a couple of hours and arrived at a room with three doorways and the far wall covered by a floor to ceiling mural depicting humanoids reaching to the sky on the right hand side and cowering in fear from the left hand side. The doorway to the right appeared to have a collapsed tunnel beyond it.

The party used the doorway to the left and traveled for a couple of hours and arrived at a small room with two statues and another opening straight ahead. The party figured out the azure flame items appeared to allow them to go through the openings.

As they travelled further for a couple hours to another statue room this portion of the tunnel opened up to what appeared to be an extremely large open space. The path the party followed appeared to be a narrow floor with no walls and no ceiling. Upon arriving at the next statue room the narrow path with walls and ceiling.

The party arrives at “another” mural room and have an encounter with a barbed devil with a black staff and some sort of shadow hound. Upon defeating the devil, the party heard a great commotion further down the hall and took off when they say a number of barbed devils coming toward them.

The party ran back the way they came and were able to out run their pursuers.

FLASH BACK a couple of weeks --

Polin and Vanir where in the town of Scapper, where Polin is settling in to an old tower that is being renovated for his use. While there, Lord Scape asked Polin and Vanir to investigate to see who was causing trouble amongst the new nobles (mostly imperials) that have been moving into his court.

Polin and Vanir were not successful in their investigation (1 success and 3 failures), but were able to provide a couple of names to the lord for further investigation (Chuda and Falan both of which are imperial noble names).

The party meets up and helps the Rock Brothers Mine (part 1)
Agrari 3, 1213i

After returning from their encounter with the dragon in the Valley of Tombs (March 6th), the party agrees to meet up in Timberwalk at the beginning of next month.

Darvin goes to Timberwalk to finish working on the old inn and to do some training in his fighting skills. While there he networks with the imperial commander (Darius) and sister gabrielle of the shrine of luck, gathering new info regarding Timberwalk.

Polin spends time at The White Tower to do some research and hire a new shieldman. He stops in Tolbrook for additional research and maintaining his contacts at the university. While there he sees an imperial shipment arrive on the teleport platform (a high tower that can not be viewed directly from any point from within the city). Polin also stops at Scapper and confirms with Lord Scape that he will take up residence in his town (and starts the process of selecting and outfitting a residence). He arrives in Timberwalk in time to see Commander Darius off to the front.

Vanir arrives in town and gets acquainted with sister gabrielle and learns that druids are more welcome here than in the rest of the New Order Kingdoms.

Zebest appears to be running late due to his touring schedule. Wyn has not been seen since the Winterbreak and Rumblebelly arrives in town to little fanfare due to testing out a new disguise.

Imperial Commander Darius introduces the party to the new garrison commander Brian Denity. A very small force will stay behind to provide defense for the newly walled city and the new commander will ensure the new town council elections go smoothly and are completed by the end of the summer festival.

Commander Darius also informs the party that unless Wyn returns with Havok as a prisoner (dead or alive) by the winter festival, his 1% share of the mine ownership/profits will be used as a reward for his capture. He asks Rumblebelly to accompany him for part of his travels back to the front.

Garth Rock makes contact with the party and asks for their assistance in resolving a black slime problem that has remained in the mine. He lets the party know that they can get any reasonable amount of supplies they need at the Rock Brothers Mining Supply store in town.

Darvin, Polin (and his shieldman), and Vanir go to the mines to help the miners. During their travels the party meets Rothgar at the white marble manor and finds out more information regarding the hobgoblin raids of the fishing villages along the coast.

The party arrives in the mines and battles the black pudding like slimes. They are able to kill a number of them along with discovering the likely escape route for the rest of the slimes that they expected to be there. Upon discovering the hole that lead straight down, the party can expect to see more slimes in the lower levels of the mine should they decide to continue adventuring here.

A long walk to a Dragon
March 6th, 1213i

The party returns to enjoy the remaining days of the Spring Festival where Rumblebelly picks up an Elixir of Healing in the festival market. Darvin, Vanir, and Rumblebelly track down Sir Rolan’s squire to get information regarding the location of the dragon. He describes the fall of Sir Rolan who died during his initial charge and provides a map to the general location of the dragon. Also, Polin uses his contacts at the White Tower to gather information about what they might encounter.

After enjoying the rest of the Spring Festival, the party heads back to the valley to hunt the dragon.

After the two days of travel to the valley and two more days of searching, the party sees fire elementals, but are able to hide in a magical hut. Another day of searching and the party finds a possible portal to the plane of fire. On the sixth day, they find the dragon and it does not go well…

Several party members are severely injured, but so is they dragon… both the dragon and party go back to lick their wounds

The Tomb of Wonder
Spring Festival 1213i, Day 4

The Spring Festival has arrived and the party has meet in Orton (Zebest, Darvin, Polin, and Vanir). Rumblebelly did not arrive due to unknown reasons. Wyn was last seen at the Winter Festival when most of the party met in Tolbrook to hunt through the markets for magic items.

The month of March is arriving in a few days, the god of war guides his worshipers to begin their journey to battle. While some go to war, some go off to adventure. The city of Orton is starting to fill with adventurers due to the news of recent successes have spread like wildfire. However, news that the dragon killed Sir Rolan (a knight of the phoenix) has cooled the adventurous spirit of the new arrivals

At the beginning of the festival, the party took this time to track down the old tomb that they had discovered last year to be sure these newcomers did not discover their find. Two days travel to the tombs and the party gains entrance to the tomb.

Unlike most tombs the party had seen so far, this tomb was finely crafted and had many traps. The party fought some sort of new zombie that seemed intelligent. In another room, the party fought a construct. Among the other magic found, the party found three wondrous items.

After the adventure, the party travels back to Orton to enjoy the rest of the Spring Festival (beginning with Day 4).

The Winter Break of 1212i

The party splits up in different ways and prepares to get settled in for winter

Calendar and Time

The party makes plans to meet up during the spring festival in 1213i, but in which town?

OOC – be sure to calculate your expenses over the break

An Incomplete Showdown
Ocia 17th, 1212i

The party recovers from the battles of the previous day and go investigate the mine in the morning.

Garth helps guide the party through the beginnings of the mine (while Piff the Elf and one of Sil’s lieutenants stays behind to guard the horse and supplies).

The party triggers a magical trap early on, a thunderwave spell blows up with a loud boom and flings them against the walls. Around the bend, there is a large natural water source where Wyn found a magical stick and two platinum rings by searching in about 10 feet of water.

As they continue on with their investigation, the party gets split when Darvin and Sil cross a poisonous fungi laden room. While they crossed the room, the rest of the party was attacked as they tried to circle around by backtracking through another fork in the cavern.

Zebest charged in to attack the Red Cloaks that were drawn by the loud echoing boom created by the trap that was triggered earlier. He was quickly surrounded by 6 enemies and fell unconscious from many wounds.

As he was dragged away by the enemy, the rest of the party regrouped and chased them down into a room that appears to be a temple to an unknown demi-god.

Havok the Imperial War Wizard is in the room with the unconscious Zebest, seven of the old townsguards that serve him along with 3 skeletons apparently under his control.

The battle rages on with charm spells and fire spells and the various melee attacks until about half the enemy are down and Wyn uses a magical arrow to imprison Havok!

After investigating the temple (and unable to remove the obvious fake emeralds in the eyes of the demigod), the party investigates the room and it appears that it was built during the time when the mine was under operation. In old dominion, the label on the 9ft statue is “Daredark”.

Using maps discovered in the temple, the party heads deeper into the tunnels and run into a smelter cavern which includes a brazier with a magical azure flame. It is inscribed with the pact that created it in old dominion, “The humans create the idea, the elves shape the idea, the halflings create the detail”.

The party fights a dryder and a phase spider after trying to bluff their way into its confidence. The dryder protects itself with a spell after exchanging blows with the party and runs away to the dark depths of the cavern.

Two incomplete battles, but the wizard has been captured and the immediate threat to the caverns has run away…

When the party returns to town, they secure their rewards and split up to go on their winter travels. They hear that a contingent of troops will help guard the Rock Brothers Mine while its mining operations get started, but the party is told they would be welcome back to help investigate the deeper parts of the mine in the future.

For helping save the Rock brothers and fighting to help recover the mine, the Rock brothers give the party 5% ownership and will set aside 5% of the profits each year that the mine produces to be paid during the winter festival each year.


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