Valley of The Tombs

The Winter Break of 1212i

The party splits up in different ways and prepares to get settled in for winter

Calendar and Time

The party makes plans to meet up during the spring festival in 1213i, but in which town?

OOC – be sure to calculate your expenses over the break


Polin bids everyone farewell. He suggests that we meet up in Orton at the beginning of the spring festival. We have some unfinished business (the tombs) and Tolbrook is nearby if anyone wishes to shop for rarer items or make contacts. I load up my mule cart with items I had stored at the Blue Lion and let Darvin know I am ready to go if he is. Darvin, Harold, Scree and I make our way to Scapper before taking a ship to Orton. I will head to the Cragg family manor and greet Samuel and Cary. After settling in a bit I will make a trip to Wizards of the White Tower a priority. Harold and I will give detailed accounts of what transpired. Once that is in order I will start the tutoring of the Cragg sons and start my own training. I plan to make several trips to Tolbrook during my stay (shopping for what ever magic scrolls I can find and alchemical supplies) and also check in with the Wizards of the White Tower. I will continue my courtship of Cary and see if she has any aptitude for the magical arts. I’ll use the work room that Samuel provided to setup a magic lab of sorts with various alchemical equipment and spell components to experiment with. As part of the tutoring of the sons, I will introduce them to the basics of magic (as long as Samuel agrees) with the hope that Samuel feels he gets good value from the service I am providing.

The Winter Break of 1212i
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