Valley of The Tombs

The Tomb of Wonder

Spring Festival 1213i, Day 4

The Spring Festival has arrived and the party has meet in Orton (Zebest, Darvin, Polin, and Vanir). Rumblebelly did not arrive due to unknown reasons. Wyn was last seen at the Winter Festival when most of the party met in Tolbrook to hunt through the markets for magic items.

The month of March is arriving in a few days, the god of war guides his worshipers to begin their journey to battle. While some go to war, some go off to adventure. The city of Orton is starting to fill with adventurers due to the news of recent successes have spread like wildfire. However, news that the dragon killed Sir Rolan (a knight of the phoenix) has cooled the adventurous spirit of the new arrivals

At the beginning of the festival, the party took this time to track down the old tomb that they had discovered last year to be sure these newcomers did not discover their find. Two days travel to the tombs and the party gains entrance to the tomb.

Unlike most tombs the party had seen so far, this tomb was finely crafted and had many traps. The party fought some sort of new zombie that seemed intelligent. In another room, the party fought a construct. Among the other magic found, the party found three wondrous items.

After the adventure, the party travels back to Orton to enjoy the rest of the Spring Festival (beginning with Day 4).


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