Valley of The Tombs

The party meets up and helps the Rock Brothers Mine (part 1)

Agrari 3, 1213i

After returning from their encounter with the dragon in the Valley of Tombs (March 6th), the party agrees to meet up in Timberwalk at the beginning of next month.

Darvin goes to Timberwalk to finish working on the old inn and to do some training in his fighting skills. While there he networks with the imperial commander (Darius) and sister gabrielle of the shrine of luck, gathering new info regarding Timberwalk.

Polin spends time at The White Tower to do some research and hire a new shieldman. He stops in Tolbrook for additional research and maintaining his contacts at the university. While there he sees an imperial shipment arrive on the teleport platform (a high tower that can not be viewed directly from any point from within the city). Polin also stops at Scapper and confirms with Lord Scape that he will take up residence in his town (and starts the process of selecting and outfitting a residence). He arrives in Timberwalk in time to see Commander Darius off to the front.

Vanir arrives in town and gets acquainted with sister gabrielle and learns that druids are more welcome here than in the rest of the New Order Kingdoms.

Zebest appears to be running late due to his touring schedule. Wyn has not been seen since the Winterbreak and Rumblebelly arrives in town to little fanfare due to testing out a new disguise.

Imperial Commander Darius introduces the party to the new garrison commander Brian Denity. A very small force will stay behind to provide defense for the newly walled city and the new commander will ensure the new town council elections go smoothly and are completed by the end of the summer festival.

Commander Darius also informs the party that unless Wyn returns with Havok as a prisoner (dead or alive) by the winter festival, his 1% share of the mine ownership/profits will be used as a reward for his capture. He asks Rumblebelly to accompany him for part of his travels back to the front.

Garth Rock makes contact with the party and asks for their assistance in resolving a black slime problem that has remained in the mine. He lets the party know that they can get any reasonable amount of supplies they need at the Rock Brothers Mining Supply store in town.

Darvin, Polin (and his shieldman), and Vanir go to the mines to help the miners. During their travels the party meets Rothgar at the white marble manor and finds out more information regarding the hobgoblin raids of the fishing villages along the coast.

The party arrives in the mines and battles the black pudding like slimes. They are able to kill a number of them along with discovering the likely escape route for the rest of the slimes that they expected to be there. Upon discovering the hole that lead straight down, the party can expect to see more slimes in the lower levels of the mine should they decide to continue adventuring here.


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